Vision-mision statement


Dehnaten believe in right human relationships as a means to facilitate the expression of consciousness, and to participate in the relevant changes to promote the culture of the common good. Dehnaten is oriented by the relative collective consciousness of the expansive group of participants.


In order to achieve it, Dehnaten establishes a holistic place in a rural setting with the purpose of forming a group of individuals, living in communion and committed to promoting a lifestyle in right relation with the environment. Dehnaten intends to participate in the social integration of new models of sustainable living.


Dehnaten’s main objectives are the following:

  • Creation of several specialized and prioritised areas, allowing maximum autonomy of the participants, and social benefit.

  • Creating the necessary infrastructure for carrying out the mission of Dehnaten

  • Implementation and management of periodic conscience raising social events to the new culture

  • Creation and implementation of actualized educational programs for children and adults.

  • Development activities allowing the culture of shared consciousness of community members, and the group consciousness of the friends, volunteers and supporters of Dehnaten

  • Establishing synergy relationships with other communities for the mutual benefit of the collaboration

  • Establishing relationships with organizations that support Dehnaten’s integrative vision

  • Support social organizations that share and feel included in the Dehnaten’s vision

  • Training courses in the areas of governance, economics, architecture and sustainable technology, …

  • Serve as an experimental platform for the development of techniques benefiting the environment

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